Library .NET (Free Note Edition免費筆記版) - A personal notes and information manager個人筆記與資料訊息保存管理系統
軟體特色Features (Comparison版本比較)

可同時開啟管理多重資料庫(無限制資料庫與節點)Multiple databases open at same time (Unlimited Databases and Nodes)

節點相依整合(Node) Dependencies

筆記連結與相依功能(Note) Hyperlink/Dependencies

Google 式搜尋方式, 可同時搜尋多種組合文字Full-Text Search (Google-like search
e.g: aa bb cc, "aa bb" cc)

快速分頁搜尋, 不受資料的累積而影響搜尋速度Paging Search results(Much faster!)

完整地文字編輯功能(連結, 表格, 圖像, 物件...及更多)Full-Featured Text Editor(rich text formatting, hyperlinks, tables, pictures, and OLE objects support...and more.)

多選節點搬移Multi Move

 自訂節點圖標Custom Node Icon

支持保存 Outlook 項目與郵件Supports Outlook Item and Message (*.msg)
  • 相當直觀地顯示介面與簡潔地操作設計, 無需學習即可立即快速上手使用Powerful, Easy-to-use and Free management system
  • 多特性節點功能(相依/合併/搬移/保護/標記/列印...及更多)Depend/Merge/Move/Protect/Bookmark/Print nodes...and more.
  • 節點匯入支持格式(chm/htm/txt/rtf/doc/odt/mht/msg/hjt/*.*)Import/Export node information from/to chm/htm/txt/rtf/doc/odt/mht/msg/hjt/*.* files.
  • 筆記匯入支持格式(pdf/xps/txt/rtf/htm/mht/doc/xml/odt/msg)Import/Export note information from/to pdf/xps/txt/rtf/htm/mht/doc/xml/odt/msg file.
  • 完全支持萬國碼, 節點與文字拖放, 歷史瀏覽...及更多特性Full support of Unicode, Drag & Drop Everywhere, History navigation...and more.
  • 資料庫相容於免費版專業版The database is compatible with both Free and Professional
  • ...還有更多and more