was founded in 2003 to produce high-quality software that will make using your computer more productive and enjoyable.
All of fish's dotNET applications are 100% clean and have no Spyware, Adware, or malware of any kind
and compatible with Microsoft Windows All (32bit and 64bit)
These are applications I use every day and I want to share them with everyone.
If you have any suggestions, ideas, or bugs about my programs, please let me know via
自 2003年開發軟體至今, 所有軟體都是作者本身需要且每天都在使用的工具程式, 軟體不以商業為目的而開發,
因此無任何保留的持續更新, 所有軟體百分百乾淨不會含有"廣告、木馬或任何形式的惡意軟體", 在使用上可完全放心,
完全相容所有 Windows 作業環境 (32位元 與 64位元) , 並藉此也分享給所有人使用。
如果您有任何使用上的問題、建議或想法, 都歡迎來信讓我知道, 您可以直接 E-Mail 至
Purchase a Commercial Use License購買商業使用授權: Purchase a commercial use license
If it was useful to you or commercial use, please consider helping to support the development of future versions.
Payments can be made through PayPal, Credit card, or Bank account.
如果該軟體對您有幫助或在營利環境上使用, 請考慮支持未來版本的開發, 您的一份心意都將可以受惠到所有的人.
您除了可以透過 PayPal 與 信用卡方式購買外, 也可以透過 ATM 轉帳 或 郵政匯款.
If you are not able to make a monetary donation, you could promote the programs instead.
You can promote it in various ways: by talking about it with friends, post in your blog and specific news groups, mention it to journalists,
linking to me on your web page with and in many other ways.
除了實質捐助方式外, 您也可以以推廣方式來表達您對 的支持,
您可以透過任何方式如: 博客, 網頁, 論壇, 雜誌或其他方式, 將您的想法分享給更多人...
I allow and encourage all web sites, magazines and end-users to freely distribute the FREE or Trial versions of applications.
You already have my authorization of distributing the FREE, or Trial versions of applications.
您可以自由地分發 上所有軟體, 無論是網站, 雜誌, 光碟...等等都可以, 只要不是在非法用途上即可.