Library .NET Free - A personal notes and information manager個人筆記與資料訊息保存管理系統
Make your life easier! 輕鬆搞定一切, 讓生活變的更簡單! Library .NET (Free Note Edition) is a personal notes and information management system
With it you can store all of your notes and information in an easy-to-use outline.

It makes your data easier and convenient management, quicker and exact search
, simpler and flexible backup, clearer and intuitive interface. (Development Since 2003)
(免費筆記版) 是一個免安裝, 個人筆記與資料訊息保存的管理系統 (支持中/英文)
能讓您的資料在管理上更簡易方便, 查詢更迅速精準, 備份更簡單靈活, 顯示更清楚直覺

Features特色: 無限制資料庫與節點Unlimited DBs & Nodes, 完整地文字編輯功能Full-Featured Editor, 快速全文檢索Full-Text Search, 豐富的匯出/匯入格式Import/Export, 相依/合併/搬移/保護/標記/列印/拖放/歷史瀏覽Depend/Merge/Move/Protect...及更多and more
Note.zipVersion 18.8.6145  (2016/10/28), 3.61MB, History更新記錄/ Features軟體特色/ License商業授權/ Comparison版本比較/ 問題反饋
Free for non-commercial, Portable, Single executable file and Multlanguage非商業下免費使用, 單檔免安裝, 操作簡單, 支持多國語言介面, Supported Platforms支持平台 Windows All (x86/x64)