• BackupFormat:資料庫備份輸出格式Backup Database Format, MDB(單檔限制 2GBLimited to 2GB per file)/GDB(單檔限制 16TBLimited to 16TB per file)
  • FirebirdDBEngine: SuperServer/EmbeddedServer
    • EmbeddedServer: 下載嵌入版後將 *.dll 放置於 CodeLib 目錄下即可Download FB embedded and copy *.dll into your installation directory '\[Your Library .NET directory]'
  • BackupPath: The path to the Backup Database files 資料庫備份存放路徑. e.g. Folder: x:\xx\xx\, UNC Path: \\\xx\
  • BackupToZip: Backup your data file using the Zip file format 備份後自動壓縮至 ZIP 格式
  • BackupWith: Backup with (?) appended 備份資料庫檔案附加名稱(Date(yyyy-MM-dd), Day(1-31), Week(1-7), Month(1-12))

  • AutoStart: Load on Windows startup 當 Windows 啟動時自動啟動 CodeLib
  • CheckVersion: Auto check current version status via internet at start(Show alert message box) 啟動時自動檢測新版(顯示新版訊息)
  • DefaultFont: The font used to display text in the Library .NET. 程式預設字體(需重啟 Library .NET)
  • DefaultFontSize: (range: 8.25~10.25, default: 8.25). 程式預設字體大小(需重啟 Library .NET)
  • Desktop: Put Shortcut on the Desktop 建立桌面捷徑
  • Email: Specify a default program for E-mail 預設信件郵寄程式(Auto-Detect/Office Outlook/Mozilla Thunderbird/WebMail)
  • Language: Select Language 介面多國語言設定
  • Protection: Password protect access to CodeLib 啟動密碼保護
  • QuickLaunch: Show in Quick Launch Area 建立快捷捷徑
  • SaveLayout: Save Form Layout on exit 關閉 CodeLib 時儲存最後視窗狀態
  • MinimizedToTray: Hide When Minimized 最小化之後隱藏
  • SearchPage: Search result per page 分頁搜尋設定(每頁顯示筆數)
  • ShowGridLines: Show grid lines. 顯示資料清單儲存格之間的框線

  • ConfirmDelete: Prompt for change when Node delete 當節點刪除時是否顯示確認
  • ConfirmMove: Prompt for change when Node copy or move 當節點搬移或複製時是否顯示確認
  • ConfirmUpdate: Prompt for update when Note/Code change and leave focus 當筆記或程式內容變更並離開焦點時, 提示更新與否, 若選擇 False 則自動儲存更新
  • DependAonB: Show nodes that depend on Foobar 顯示依存 Foobar 的節點
  • DependBonA: Show nodes on which Foobar depends 顯示 Foobar 所依存的節點
  • LockAgain: Lock password-protected node as soon as I navigate away from them 一旦我離開受到密碼保護的節點,請鎖定該節點
  • SaveState: Save code explorer's state on exit 關閉 CodeLib 時紀錄最後所在節點
  • ShowTreeLines: Show tree lines.(Under Vista) 顯示樹狀節點繪製行
  • SortByName: Sort Order by Name or Manual 節點排序依名稱或手動

  • AutoCalculate: Calculate mathematical expressions automatically 自動計算數學運算式
  • AutoSave: Save AutoRecovery info every (default: 0 for no save) 自動保存相隔的時間 (預設: 0 不自動保存)
  • AutoWordSelection: When selecting, automatically select entire word 英文單字自動選字
  • DefaultTextFont: The font used to display text in the notes 預設筆記本文字體
  • EditModePermanent: Keep Edit Mode Permanently On 筆記永久編輯模式
  • Spelling: Select Dictionary 拼字檢查字典選擇
  • WordWrap: Word Wrap 自動換行

  • BMP/PNG/TIF Quality: You can choose to control the BMP/PNG/TIF Color Depth 設定 BMP/PNG/TIF 圖像色彩品質(32bit/24bit)
  • ImageFormat: Captured image format 截圖後儲存影像格式
  • JpegQuality: You can choose to control the JPEG quality factory 設定截圖JPG壓縮解析度(比例越高畫質越好)(Default: 90%)
  • SlideShowDelay: Image delay(in seconds) 影像延遲秒數
  • ThumbnailSize: Thumbnail Size 縮圖顯示大小

  • ConfirmUncompleted: Confirm save uncompleted webpages(Time-out) 當網頁儲存逾時時顯示確認
  • SaveAsUnicode: Save Webpage as Unicode (UTF-8) (Default is Auto-Select) 設定網頁儲存時使用的預設格式, True: 使用 Unicode格式保存, False: 預設為依網頁編碼方式保存
  • WebSaveTimeOut: Cancel the download of a Web page element if the server didn't respond for at least seconds 設定網頁儲存最低逾時秒數, 超過時將取消等待完成儲存

  • AutoTransfer: Attaches selected files into the CodeLib and copies them to the specified folder 自動傳送功能-可將附件檔案複製一份至指定目錄夾中方便統一管理, 備份等處理
  • FileFilters: The file filters for Full-Text Search (Default: .doc/.docx/.pdf) 全文檢索副檔名篩選器設置 (預設: .doc/.docx/.pdf)
  • FilePreView: File preview pane 檔案預覽設置

  • AutoInsertCurlyBracket: Auto insert curly braces 自動插入大括號
  • ConvertTabsToSpaces: Convert Tabs to Spaces 標籤轉為空格
  • HideMouseCursor: Hide mouse cursor while typing 文字輸入時自動隱藏滑鼠游標
  • TabIndent: Tab size 標籤大小(Default: 4)
  • AllowDrop: Allow Drag Drop 允許拖放處理
  • IndentSyle: Identation 縮排
  • TextFont: The font used to display text in the code 本文字體
  • ColumnRuler: Show column ruler 顯示縱向標尺
  • ColumnRulerRow: at column 縱向標尺列(Default: 80)
  • EOL: Show EOL markers 顯示行尾標記
  • HorizontalRuler: Show horizontal ruler 顯示橫向標尺
  • InvalidLine: Show invalid lines 顯示無效行
  • LineNumber: Show line numbers 顯示行數
  • LineViewerStyle: Line marker style (None/Full Row) 高亮所在列位置
  • ShowMatchingBracket: Highligh matching bracker 突出顯示匹配的括號
  • Space: Show spaces 顯示空格
  • Tab: Show tabs 顯示標籤
    External Tools
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  • 加載 Editor外部程式至 Tools Menu選單上, 提供更強大網頁編輯功能
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