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Items (Comparison版本比較)(DB model)LicensesTotalPurchase
Library .NET Professional v3 (4-in-1) Access Firebird MySQL SQL Server
Library .NET Professional v3
Capture .NET Professional v3 + Library .NET Professional v3 (4-in-1) (15% Discount) Access Firebird MySQL SQL Server
Capture .NET Professional v3 + Library .NET Professional v3 (15% Discount)
If you purchase the same item again, your license number can be accumulated

Your license will be valid for all future versions of the same item. You will never be charged for upgrades!
After payment has been received by me, your license code will be sent to the email address provided in PayPal.
If the mail does not reach you within 8 hours, please check your Junk mail folder or contact me at

Personal license:
A personal license allows its owner to install the program on up to two computers,
as long as it is ONLY running on one computer at any one time (i.e. one installation at home and one at the office used by the same person).
The usage by multiple people at the same time (on multiple computers) requires multiple licenses.
Multiple licenses:
Multiple licenses allow an institution, company or school to install the program on multiple computers, on a server or on a 3rd party machine.
It must be guaranteed that the program does not run on more machines or for more users than there are licenses purchased.
Unlimited license:
An unlimited license allows you to activate the software on more than 100 computers(or users) within the same institution, company or school.
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